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Why are we Looking for Vendors?

USRES is always looking to expand our vendor network to provide our clients with a unique blend of service providers. We utilize and approve large multi-state offices to small local offices, based on our needs in particular areas. The services we look for are Real Estate Agent Services, Title Providers, Property Preservation Providers, Closing Company's, Eviction Attorney's, and Special service companies that offer a variety of services for the default community.

What does a Vendor need to do to become part of our network?

Any Vendor who wishes to be part of USRES needs to submit the following information to USRES Vendor Management (vendor.management@usres.com) to review:

  • Company Name:
  • Number of years in operation:
  • Total number of employees:
  • State(s) you handle REO closings in:
  • Current W-9
  • Letters of Recommendation:
  • Current Client List:
  • Current Fee Structure:
  • Current Volume per Month:
  • Estimated Capacity per Month:

What does USRES expect from the Vendor in terms of timelines?

USRES expects Vendors to follow all Federal, State and Local laws. Each Vendor must be in good standing with their State or Governing Board (Association, BBB, Legislators, etc.). Vendors must adhere to all policies and procedures provided from USRES and our clients to ensure smooth and efficient real estate transactions. Depending on the Vendor type, all timelines will be different. However, we expect our Vendor network to exceed our clients' expectations / timelines and provide excellent customer service to our company.