Our extensive and experienced network of licensed appraisers recognize the value and importance of the product they provide. We seek and retain professionals who are the most dedicated to their trade. USRES charts the progress of each report, and every appraisal is audited by our own state-side, in-house staff of Certified Licensed Appraisers to reconcile and address any variances. Our proprietary Valuations management platform gives us the flexibility that most other National AMC’s cannot mirror, ensuring that the technology is progressing with industry changes. It also enables us to offer a secure and seamless experience for clients, appraisers and borrowers alike.

Extensive Vendor Network
National Coverage - AMC Chartered
Flexible Order/ Delivery Mechanisms, including borrower direct
Customizable Reporting
Service Level Guarantees
In-house Auditor Review on every file


USRES maintains a select group of licensed real estate professionals geared towards serving the BPO market. With a network of over 80,000 agents dedicated to this product and supporting BPO products, we consistently adhere to quality and delivery rates. USRES provides additional charting and progress of each report and is the only BPO provider that maintains our own state-side, in house staff of licensed appraisers that audit every BPO for content and accuracy.

In-house Auditor Review
Customizable Reporting
Flexible Product Order/ Delivery Mechanisms
Service Level Guarantees

REO Disposition

USRES offers a wide array of services to support our clients in the liquidation of REO assets. In today’s market, clients require a range of services and agility throughout the various stages of the disposition cycle. The USRES Distressed Asset Management team specializes in the liquidation of your assets through efficiencies gained by utilizing our 20 years of experience and motivated staff, class leading technology, and superior customer and vendor support.

Distressed Asset Management
Occupancy/Redemption Management
Closing/ Title
Vacant Property Registration, HOA, and Tax Services
Service Level Guarantees

Rental Analysis Report

The Rental Analysis Report enables Servicers and Investors to analyze properties and determine their best use as a source of revenue. This report is completed by one of our 80,000 plus agents who have local knowledge of their market, and personally inspect each property. The report also includes over 120 data points, and can be paired with BPO’s and/or Appraisals. By providing clients with the complete picture for each path, USRES allows Servicers and Investors to choose the most profitable strategy for every file.

Rental Survey
Extensive Agent Network
National Coverage
Comparable Rentals for Market Analysis
Customizable Reporting
In-house Auditor review
Flexible Order & Delivery Mechanisms

Mobile Chattel

While many of our competitors do not provide a workflow for Mobile Chattel, we know that your strategy and portfolio are always subject to change. Our staff has been trained and verified to bring you the same expertise, and superior customer service you have grown to count on from USRES. Whether you currently work with Mobile Chattel properties, or plan on doing so in the future USRES has all the tools you need to succeed.

Mobile Chattle - Wide Load
Experienced Staff
Fast Turn Times
Flexible Workflow
Service Level Guarantees