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Property Valuations

USRES offers various Origination, Refinance and Default Valuation products including Broker Price Opinions, Appraisals, Rental Surveys, Value Reconciliations and Data Driven Valuations with an emphasis on closing communication gaps.

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REO Disposition

The USRES REO Disposition team specializes in the liquidation of your assets through efficiencies gained by utilizing experienced and motivated staff, class leading technology, and superior customer and vendor support.

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US Real Estate Services, Inc. provides an array of financial support services for the purpose of valuating and liquidating real estate assets. Founded in 1991, in the midst of a national, economic crisis, US Real Estate Services served as a key component to mortgage servicers and investors to valuate foreclosed assets and liquidate growing REO inventory.

Today, US Real Estate Services, also known throughout the industry as USRES, provides a mixed tool bag of valuation products including; Broker Price Opinions, Appraisals, Rental Surveys, Value Reconciliations and Data driven valuations. In addition, USRES provides extensive liquidation services such as REO Disposition as well as supporting a la carte services, including HOA management, Eviction Management, and Property Tax Coordination.

USRES is the parent company to RES.NET, Inc., a cutting edge technology solution that closes the gap in communication around the liquidation of real estate assets. We have developed a solid reputation as one of the premiere service providers in the industry across each of our business lines. We credit our success through establishing dedicated business units for each aspect of our services, recruiting and training some of the best professionals in the industry, and establishing core relationships with our business partners.