“Not all valuation providers are created equal. As a USRES client, I have been exceptionally pleased with its valuation products’ service, accuracy, and reliability. As a result, I can quickly execute portfolio decisions and strategies. That is an essential difference between USRES valuations and other valuation providers I have used in the past.
I have used USRES for thousands of assets as both an investor and former servicer and I highly recommend utilizing USRES for your property valuations. I look forward to continue working with USRES and can’t speak highly enough about the value they bring.”

George Caballero
CEO, Caballero Lender Services

“Working with USRES has been a game changer for my company. The broad range of services USRES provides for marketing, evictions, valuations and asset management are top notch. It is a huge advantage to have USRES as a one stop resource. All of the USRES team members are a pleasure to work with and are excellent at what they do.
I have a unique business model which has required some custom processes be built. The RES.NET team has been flexible and creative in customizing whatever processes were needed to ensure things run as smoothly as possible for my team. The excellent customer service and adaptability has been greatly appreciated.
I look forward to continuing a successful partnership with USRES and RES.NET”

Jon Kikel
CEO, Innomax Home Solutions

“For me, USRES has been a good partner….I appreciate the ability to resolve and communicate efficiently with you and USRES to handle any item.”

Dave K.
Account Executive Flagstar, Sunshine Region FL

“The USRES Leadership team holds to the same high standards of integrity that we do, making this a long-lasting relationship that we trust.”

Casey T.
Director of Operations, DLJ Financial

“We use USRES because of service. I cannot say the same for the larger AMC’s. In fact I can say the opposite.”

Erez C.
Senior Managing Partner, Liberty Mortgage Lending

“We have tried the other AMC’s on our approved list, but the customer service provided by USRES is excellent. Being able to go to one person for answers on appraisals has been a huge asset for us and our ability to get loans closed.”

Matt M.
AVP Mortgages, Deseret Federal Credit Union

“When looking for a strong provider of valuation services, USRES was an easy choice due to its dominance in the market for more than 20 years. Beyond the company’s quality valuations and ownership of the RES.NET Valuation platform, USRES shares our philosophy on customer service. USRES does not defer us to an automated call center; we always have access to its audit and management teams and receive fast responses to any needs or requests we may have.”

Matt Dohman
President - Optimum First Mortgage

“Working with USRES has been a pleasure from the beginning! I’ve had the honor of working with the USRES Family for over 5 years and watching the cutting edge growth of their team into industry leadership. Their entire staff is always exceptional to work with, so their partnership is a valued one to me.”

Michael Kenduck
Broker - Cruise Real Estate, NY

“I have enjoyed working with USRES for numerous years. They are one of the leaders in the REO asset management industry and have been very successful in selling properties at the highest price and in the shortest time compared to competitors. They have a great team of asset managers as well as a highly skilled management team. USRES has been extremely supportive of Rising Realty, and I’m greatly appreciative for their partnership.”

Jason Shapiro
Broker - Rising Realty

“It is always a pleasure to work with USRES. They are extremely easy to deal with on a day-to-day basis and are very reasonable. USRES is always ready to listen and very responsive a true partner.”

Jeff Nipper
Client Management - Field Asset Services

“I can honestly say that USRES’ personnel are always on top of their files. It doesn’t matter if we are dealing with the closing coordinator, title specialist, HOA department, violation specialist or other specialist, the USRES personnel know the file and quickly deal with the issues expeditiously. Unlike many asset managers, USRES’ people are incredibly responsive and very professional. My staff enjoys using the RES.NET platform and finds it more comprehensive and user friendly than other platforms.”

Richard T. Donato, Esq.
Partner - Esquire Title, Inc.

“When considering REO companies, partner with a long time leader. USRES has the systems and the support to keep your transactions moving to close.”

Katherine Nickerson
Realtor - Northern California