Executive Management

Keith Guenther Headshot

Keith Guenther

Chief Executive Officer

Keith Guenther is Founder and Chief Executive Officer for USRES, Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiary, RES.NET, Inc. Guenther, who established the company in 1992, first entered the real estate market in the 1980s as an agent and also held executive-level positions at Tarbell. Bringing nearly 30 years of real estate and business experience to the company, Guenther is focused on building steady growth for USRES by identifying and fostering key relationships. Guenther views the experience and dedication of his entire staff as the key to USRES’ longtime success.

Garrett Mays

VP, Valuations & Vendor Management

Garrett Mays is the Vice President of Valuations & Vendor Management for USRES & RES.NET. Mays oversees the day to day operations of the Valuation department and manages the company’s business partner networks including agents, appraisers, attorneys, closing offices, title groups, valuation companies and field service partners. Over his 20+ years in the industry, Mays has been involved with all aspects of default servicing including Valuation, Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, Loss Mitigation, Vendor Management and REO.

Tiffany Malm

Director, REO & Ancillary Services

Tiffany Malm is the Director of REO & Ancillary Services for USRES. Malm is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the REO Department as well as Ancillary Services Division including HOA Management, Lien Monitoring and Chattel. As an accomplished business leader with more than 20 years in the industry, Malm lends a broad understanding of REO, mortgage servicing, account management including vendor management and operations.

Michael Bull

Chief Financial Officer

Michael Bull is Chief Financial Officer for USRES, Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiary, RES.NET, Inc. Bull oversees a team of approximately 23 accounting professionals dedicated to the finances of the operations. Bull started his career with USRES shortly after graduating from California State University of Fullerton in 1992 with a BA in Business Administration and a concentration in Business Finance. Bull has witnessed the growth of USRES over the years and takes a passionate stance on the company’s continued success.

Rida Sharaf

Chief Strategy Officer

Rida A. Sharaf serves as Chief Strategy Officer for the USRES family of companies. In this capacity, he works closely with all departments and divisions within the USRES umbrella, as well as clients and industry partners to achieve strategic company initiatives and goals.

During his time at USRES, Rida has held a number of positions with varying responsibilities. An expert in the areas of REO asset management, liquidation, REO/Loss Mitigation platforms, and collateral risk analysis/assessment, Rida has authored a number of articles within industry publications speaking to current and future industry behavior and critically evolving trends. Additionally, Rida has been invited to speak at and moderate a number of industry events & conferences on a wide range of topics, including underlying MSR/NPL asset valuation, REO asset marketing, vendor-engagement, Operational best-practices and more. A strong believer in the management concepts of servant-leadership and the creation of a meritocratic working environment, Rida believes in consistently striving to build unique, meaningful, and intangibly valuable relationships with like-minded colleagues to achieve collective goals.

In his personal life, Rida is an avid reader and enjoys the occasional visit to the Sierra Nevada Mountains in central California for some down-time and reflection. Rida resides and works in sunny Southern California with his wife and two sons.

Angela Hurst Headshot

Angela Hurst

SVP, Business Development

Angela Hurst is the Senior Vice President of Business Development for USRES, Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiary, RES.NET, Inc. Hurst is responsible for managing and expanding the company’s national sales team and works to establish a greater company presence in the industry. Hurst brings more than 25 years of experience in the mortgage banking, title insurance, and closing services industries to the company. Prior to joining USRES, Hurst was a Senior Vice President of Business Development at NDeX, LP, and Barrett Daffin Frappier Turner & Engel, LLP.

Rob Pajon

SVP, Marketing & Product

Rob Pajon is the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Product Development for USRES and RES.NET. Pajon drives company strategy and vision by managing the marketing, sales, product development, and technology support divisions within the organization. Charged with guiding brand perception, marketing initiatives, and product strategy, Pajon maintains a focused balance between existing customer retention and new revenue generation. Pajon received a BA in Anthropology from University of California, Irvine.