Our Competitive Advantage

USRES has a rich history on client fidelity. Experience has taught us that anyone can promise quick turn times and competitive pricing, but by focusing on 5 key features, we are able to go beyond those standard levels of service. Our key areas of expertise are:


USRES recognized the industry’s need for innovative technology solutions over twenty five years ago, and built our own REO management platform to fill the void. Our proprietary solution eventually became known throughout the industry as RES.NET, in 2003. Since then, we have continued to serve our customers’ needs by consistently adding new portals and tools, while linking all suppliers and departments to each transaction along the way.

By keeping a watchful eye on the future, we have designed our portals to provide the flexibility needed to grow along with the industry and our client’s ever-changing needs. Our technology solutions provide complete transparency by delivering the tools our clients rely on, including:

  • Customizable Cost Matrix
  • ADHOC Reporting
  • Provider Scorecard
  • Audit Trail/ Logging


Automation plays a vital role in organizing customer data and creating reports, and USRES understands the value of equipping our highly trained staff with the exceptional power of rule-based and task-based technology. Our on-site staff assigns BPO and Appraisal orders through our proprietary valuation software based on turn time, distance, and quality. By focusing on GEO competency and dispute resolution, we deliver a full and balanced approach to the auditing process.

USRES’ licensed and certified appraisers use internal analytics along with third party tools to detect errors and rectify them quickly. These expert auditors personally review each order to ensure it conforms to the market analysis in that region.

Each order undergoes four-point specification criteria within an audit:

  • Each order audited by an in house licensed appraiser
  • All orders accountable to a 77-point checklist
  • Each order undergoes an additional automated review
  • Extensive network of vendors must be utilized in accordance with standards


Speed and accuracy are paramount to our customers. At USRES, they are our standard. What makes us extraordinary is our approach. Our 25+ years of experience has given our staff the knowledge necessary to make well-informed decisions in a timely manner. USRES recognizes that combining the power of real time, customizable tasking with the expertise of our staff will lead to optimal results. When challenges arise, we believe in providing practical, real world solutions that will keep your business moving forward.

We employ the 3 R’s:

  • Repair the problem
  • Research the cause
  • Readjust the practice and ensure greater efficiency


USRES’ values come from our 25+ years of experience serving customers. By understanding and valuing the customer as the foundation and lifeline of our business, USRES has established a high standard for service within our organization.

Our commitment to providing a state-side customer service team, and account managers has consistently delivered an exceptional 95% resolution rate when issues arise. Furthermore, our customers are provided with direct access to a single point of contact along with multiple backups to ensure their needs are always met.

  • In house support staff
  • Inbound support inquiries audited monthly
  • Over 95% of all calls resolved without further assistance necessary
  • Dedicated account manager assigned to every client


Compliance means following guidelines to ensure your business standards, processes, operating platforms and customers’ requirements are secure. For USRES, it means our customers can trust doing business with us and have confidence that those standards are ongoing, not just a one-time event. Proactively adapting to maintain compliance is part of the bigger solution for our customers. It allows us to work directly within our technology platform to identify ways to improve efficiencies and minimize service disruptions for our customers while helping them meet compliance objectives.

Ongoing and extensive improvements to adhere to client Service Level Agreements, USPAP, HUD and GSE guidelines maintain the quality of our products and secure the satisfaction of our customers.

  • Complete regulatory compliance with appraiser independence
  • Detailed order and correspondence logs for auditing purposes
  • Secure on-line system
  • PCI Compliant